Yote controle works!!!

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Yote controle works!!!

Postby deerblaster » Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:17 pm

I borrowed this form another site, Thanks RG in SC!

They yearly hunts here in South Carolina at the SRS (Savannah River Site) locally known as the Bomb Plant, lots of nuclear stuff there.

They had one of the best hunts at SRS in recent years yesterday. Upwards of 80 (84) deer killed with a few hogs thrown in for good measure. This is compared to most hunts in the past 5 years averaging kills in the 20's or low 30's for a day.

What is the difference you ask? Intensive coyote management on the units hunted yesterday. They've been trapped hard for the past three years, with the biologist reporting over 80 of the vermin having been taken from the area.

Also, from the mortality standpoint of the argument, the hunters were told they had collared 85 fawns this year, and that only 20 of them lived past 4 weeks old. The majority of the radio collars were tracked, and found IN, coyote dens. Biologist said that 4 weeks is the magic number for a fawn to be able to make it out of an attack.

This proves that coyotes impact deer heard in a big way.
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