Free to good home - Mountain Cur dog

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Free to good home - Mountain Cur dog

Postby bjmyers » Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:14 am

I am in Dallas. I have a dog that is free to a good home. She is a Mountain Cur breed. See info on the site below.

She is not quite a year old. She was a rescued puppy and was found after being dumped at a dollar store in Dallas, about 8 weeks old. I've kept her at my home with my other dog and she is quite friendly. She is great around other people and shows no signs of aggression. She would be a great companion. She needs space to run and likes to exercise. I am not personally a hunter but I know hunters use this breed and I'm hoping to find her a home and someone who would find her useful. She's treed squirrels here in my own backyard and has climbed an old tree in the yard. She is very smart too. She's house trained and well behaved.

Please feel free to respond with questions. I'm hopeful to find her a new home as I am moving to an apartment soon and cannot keep her long term.

Thank you for reading!
Bess Myers
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