wednesday at the MOB,playin hooky from work!

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wednesday at the MOB,playin hooky from work!

Postby chasintail » Sat Oct 22, 2005 12:51 am

We put in around 2PM, caught some bait,and headed to the mouth. The surf looked inviting so off we went . Searching for some birds or signs of fish.We saw some kind of slick,it looked like a weed line but no weed .It had some off color water in it . So we anchor right in it and we chunked some mullet on bottom. Next thing I knew I had a fish on, turned out to be our first Spanish Mackeral of the day but not our last. Then mrschasintail had one on, and she boated it.So we rebait ,but by now we had a steel leader on because we got cut a couple times. Then all the sudden ,there is another bite , thought I lost it then there it was bent pole, stripping drag ,then all the sudden. You ready ? A freaking 5' shark that thought it was a tarpon. It was jumping clear out of the water at least 3' high! He turned and ran and his tail cut me off. Tater slept through all of this action,actually he had been asleep since we put the boat in.He woke up in all the excitement so I tell him the next fish is his. So we bait up ,throw out and it doesn't set too long before tater is hooked up,it started to strip drag and almost pulled my rod from his hands so I took over. It nearly spooled me so we pulled anchor and the chase was on, it was another big shark at about 4'6". We ran out of bait and decided to go try to get some flatfish,caught more bait and Tater started kicking our butts he was pulling in croaker,whiting and gafftop.Mct brought in a few monster gafftop at this location.
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