Proposed legislation to infringe on hunter’s rights

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Proposed legislation to infringe on hunter’s rights

Postby sjc » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:21 am

Infringe is putting it mild. There are two bills in the Texas House of Representatives that are aimed directly and Texas hunters and gun owners. If passed, we could find ourselves needing some legal counsel.

The following is from Texas State Rifle Association’s website:
Bad Bills~Bills to Stop

HB 736 by State Rep. Chente Quintanilla (D-El Paso) amends the Local Government Code to give counties the authority to regulate noise. This noise regulating authority extends to firearms; and makes no allowances for hunters, sporting shooters, or shooting ranges. This bill has been assigned to House Committee on County Affairs.

HB 736 is a danger to all Texans. It could end hunting, and sport shooting.

Please contact your Texas State Representative today!


HB 1395 by State Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) Another animal cruelty bill, only this one directly attacks hunters . It removes the word “Exception” which means “not against the law” and inserts the legal phrase, ”defense to prosecution”. If HB 1395 passes, Texas Hunters could be charged with animal cruelty and forced to defend themselves in court.

Stop HB 1395 before it stops hunting.

Please contact Texas State Representative today

We've got to stop these bills. Click the URL above and they have information on how to contact these idiots
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